Intaglio prints, on RIVES BFK 19” x 26”

6 prints each, edition of 30
Marcia Wood Gallery, Publisher
Produced at Connecticut College, New London

The week of June 20 –26, 2010, six artists represented by the Atlanta-based Marcia Wood Gallery, plus Marcia, Ellen Barnard, and assistants, converged in the print studios of Connecticut College in New Londonto create a limited edition portfolio of intaglio prints, with the critical guidance of Master Printer, Timothy McDowell. The artists, Kim Anno, Kate Javens, Joanne Mattera, Timothy McDowell, Don Pollack, and Katherine Taylor live and work all over the United States. Ellen Barnard, owner of Tomorrow Pictures in Atlanta, produced a CD of the week’s events, with the camera assistance of Lucas McDowell. 

The print portfolio project, ultimately titled PULL, was every bit the profound experience I had hoped it would be. The integrity, enthusiasm and talent of each of the artists, who are painters, resulted in a collaborative week of stretching, sharing, learning, and intense camaraderie.

The prints are stunning and deeply satisfying. Credit for helping the artists speak so eloquently in the language of ink goes to Tim McDowell and his mastery of printmaking. The artists came armed with wonderful ideas and deep experience and skill, and together with Tim created prints of exquisite depth and presence.

Each print is a whole of the sum of the essential parts of each artist's oeuvre, as well as a unique addition to their bodies of work. In the same mode, the six individual prints in each portfolio are a part of the whole, while they also stand alone in and of themselves. I think of this reciprocity as a metaphor for PULL as a project. Each artist working separately on their individual images pulling together to help produce each member’s edition.

Marcia Wood