deborah dancy

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Deborah Dancy is a multi-media abstract artist, whose paintings, drawings, digital photography and sculptural objects examine and mine abstraction’s potential to move across mediums and materials exploring subtly and confrontation. There is an undercurrent of nuance and tension that mark her work, as if something is poised to happen. Paintings and drawings are constructed by tangential linear demarcations and erasures; abutting shapes and colors are inserted to provoke and entice, yet disrupt. From densely painted fields to minimally suggested forms, Dancy’s work operates in the recognition that moments, meanderings, accidents and process operate best when beautiful and disconcerting are combined.  Her paintings, sensuous linear gestures glide across the surface until abruptly they collide with the unexpected. In her photography as well as her sculptures, one finds images,  cobbled bricolage of detritus, found and fabricated objects, playful yet pointed exist as simultaneously humorous and grotesque.