William DePauw

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William DePauw received his BFA from Northern Michigan University 1996 with a concentration in drawing and painting. He received his MFA from Tulane University in 2004 where he studied clay. After Graduate School, two years were spent teaching foundations in the art department at Appalachian State University. Since 2006, he has held the position of Professor of Practice in the Newcomb Art Department at Tulane University teaching all levels of undergraduate ceramics, mentoring graduate students, and maintaining the ceramics lab.

My work, broadly speaking, is an investigation of objects. I’m mostly interested in how an object communicates. Objects, despite their portability and, thus, potential for profound abstractness, reference their origins in particular contexts, histories, and cultures.  In my work I want to play with the idea that form can be simultaneously abstract and referential.  Abstraction, a process of visual distillation and objective analysis can also be a process of articulation, a way to manipulate visual elements in order to communicate specific ideas. My interest is in understanding how an object can be “loaded” with a set of communicating references—a deconstruction of how image can function in a fabricated object. My ambition is to develop truly unique forms through the appropriation and synthesis of familiar references.