Frances Barth, GINGER SMITTH AND BILLY GEE, graphic novel, 2016, 72 pages, 6"x9"
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In this singular abstracted land, six characters drive forward the story in "Ginger Smith and Billy Gee". In the family of a graphic novel, but also like a graphic poem, this is a book in two acts and an Afterword, with interspersed dreams of the main character Ginger. It turns its focus cinematically on the darkly comic relationship developing between Ginger, a painter, and Billy, an aspiring writer, after Ginger is dumped by Billy's best friend.

Four other characters contriibute to the richness of the story. Hiker 1 and Hiker 2 are like figures in a Greek Chorus commenting on the action and entering and leaving the story line, and Male and Female add a Freudian coda to the proceedings. This is a winsome and jaunty artist tale, humorous, poetic and symbolic.

A full color book with all original drawings and text.