Mary Addison Hackett

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Mary Addison Hackett's inaugural solo exhibition with Marcia Wood Gallery is an overview of the past decade of her work. In a rare glimpse of the evolutionary process of an artist's journey, multiple bodies of work will be shown side by side bringing together the artist's inquiry into the search for meaning in everyday life. From large scale gestural abstraction to tiny figurative and interior meditations, reaching across styles and genres from modernist art to mashups of contemporary culture will be presented side by side. "Hackett's canvases are a veritable painters toolbox, as much drawing as painting, a regeneration of the history, languages and possibilities of painting." Max Presneill, 2008.

She has been exhibiting at museums, commercial galleries, university, and non-profit spaces since the early 90's, including the Ogden Museum of Southern Art (New Orleans, LA); Torrance Art Museum, (Torrance, CA); Amelia Museum of Archeology (Umbria Italy); John Davis Gallery, (Hudson, NY); SUGAR, (Brooklyn, NY); David Lusk Gallery, Tinney Contemporary (Nashville, TN); and in Los Angeles at Acme., Weekend, and Kristi Engle Gallery, among others. Her videos and short films have screened at film festivals including The Independent Prague Film Festival, (Prague, Czech Republic), The Euro Underground Film Festival (Krakow Poland), The Aurora Picture Show (Houston, TX), and The New York Underground Film Festival. She is the recipient of several professional grants and awards and has participated in residencies in the US and abroad. Her work is represented in the Phyllis and Ross Escalette Permanent Collection of Art, the Music City Center Public Collection and written about in numerous other publications. Hackett received her MFA in Studio Art/Video from The University of Illinois at Chicago. Born in Atlanta, and raised in Nashville, Hackett lived and worked respectively in Chicago and Los Angeles for over two decades prior to relocating her studio across country. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.