Drew Galloway


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Drew Galloway, a native of Birmingham, Alabama, attended the Alabama School of Fine Arts, Mempis Academy of Art and received his BFA at the Atlanta College of Art in 1987. He has been nationally recognized for his artistic achievements, winning the Arts For the Parks top 100 Judges choice award for 1999/2000 and 1998/1999. His paintings are in the corporate collections of King and Spalding, Womble, Carlysle & Rice and Delta Airlines.

Painting on asymetrically-applied sheets of patinaed metal, the artist's innovative technique perfectly achieves his mission of conveying the intricate beauty and optical complexities of nature. The uneven panels of metal echo the reflection of the water, the tangled textures of iridescent marshes, and the glowing spans of sky. Ripples of wind almost penetrate through the sheets of metal, bestowing the surface with a three dimensional quality. Galloway comments on the unique aspects of metal as a medium: "Often, an image that Iā€™d previously seen and thought too subtle or quiet is illuminated by a discovery within the natural qualities of the metal. New possibilities are awakened so that the end result is a collaboration of my intentions and mother nature."