Lori Corbus

Lorie Corbus's bemusing figurative paintings have a tendency toward reworking history. They are an unreliable account of reality presented in dreamlike singularity. Though realistic, the scenes are vague and open to interpretation. Landscapes without figures feel recently vacated. Figures often seem out of place, or from another time, begging the question "What's happening here?". The big question of what is happening - that of existence, spirituality, love, identity and humanity - are the questions Corbus asks within her mysterious, oddly familiar yet disquieting, pictures.

“I make a practice of finding or creating a chaotic situation and then watching from the sidelines with deaf ears. I remove all but the key players. Then, when it’s quiet and still, I look to see if there is some relevance there. I may do some firing and hiring. I move the furniture around." 

Corbus draws inspiration from personal and found imagery, combining extracted elements to create a fictional existance where the past and present mingle or collide.

Solo Exhibition at Marcia Wood Gallery, Cue the Choir, March 16 - April 21, 2012