Mery Lynn McCorkle

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In her first exhibition at Marcia Wood Gallery, Mery Lynn McCorkle works closely from grainy black and white electron micrographs of cell structure published in the 1970s. This subject matter allows her to pursue several issues simultaneously: the graphic tension between the organic and the pixilated quality of the photographs, the opulent sensuality of her materials and the ickiness of the subject matter, as well as the fundamental similarities between life observed so closely and abstract painting. By selecting glitter as her medium, she paints images which shift with the movement of the viewer, creating an effervescent calm to seduce the eye while reminding the viewer of the transitory nature of experience. 

Mery Lynn McCorkle was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She received her BA from the University of Georgia; her MFA from the University of Oregon. She has lived in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, and has recently relocated to Rome, Georgia. Also a curator and a writer, McCorkle has been exhibiting her artwork nationally and internationally since 1990.