William Steiger


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Marcia Wood Gallery is pleased to host William Steiger in his fourth solo exhibition with Marcia Wood Gallery in ten years. Steiger's signature oil on canvas paintings of the American landscape and it's familiar icons such as ferris wheels, grain elevators and trains, are minimalist meditations on line and negative space.  The upcoming body of work Steiger has entitled "Whirl" as representative of the dual ideas of something revolving or rotating and of the exploratory freedom of 'giving something a try'.  

Steiger begins with the familiar: icons of the American landscape including grain elevators, tramways, trains, machines, roller coasters and Ferris wheels. The recognizable subject matter is then transformed, often more by what is omitted than by what is left in. Imagery becomes abstract and reductive yet the seemingly simpler compositions ultimately communicate more through their sparing directness. Limitless space implies endless narrative wherein forms rise from, and meld into, the landscape. 

A graduate of Yale University (1989), William Steiger's work is in the collections of museums and private collections including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, Pfizer Corporation, Bank of America, Microsoft Corporation and others. Steiger exhibits internationally and is the recipient of numerous awards and grants, and has a bibliography of over fifty articles and essays since 1990. Steiger was given a solo exhibition at the Queens Museum of Art in 2002, and has been producing print series with the prestigious Pace Prints, NY, since 2002.