Jeff Conefry


Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Rhode Island School of Design BFA. Purchase College, Purchase NY.

Selected Exhibitions
2015 NURTUREart’s
2015 Benefit, Pierogi Gallery. Brooklyn.
November 9-10, 2015 “August Geometry”, Marcia Wood Gallery. Atlanta.
August 7, 2015 2014 Solo Exhibition “Paint”, Marcia Wood Gallery. Atlanta. November 20, 2014 2013 “Abstraction: Part 1 & Part 2”, Marcia Wood Gallery. Atlanta. November 21 – January 18, 2014. “Little Things Mean A Lot”, Swan Coach House, Atlanta.
November 7, 2013 “Pin Up Show”, Museum of Contemporary Art – Georgia, Atlanta. November 7, 2013. “Georgia Artists Selecting Georgia Artists”, Museum of Contemporary Art – Georgia, Atlanta.
2004 “So Atlanta”, Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center, Atlanta. “Silhouettes: The Art of the Form” Spruill Arts Center, Atlanta.
2003 “New American Painting: Southern Style” Bradbury Gallery, Arkansas State University(catalog)
“B-9” Lenox Gallery, Atlanta.
“Looks Good on Paper” Spruill Gallery, Atlanta.
2001 “Speed” Georgia Perimeter College Gallery
2000 “C.U.M. - Contemporary Urban Mentalities” Eyedrum Gallery, Atlanta. Ballroom Studios, Atlanta.

Collaborative Work (with Danielle Roney)
2011 Opposing Views, interactive architectural façade, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia, ISEA Istanbul, 12th Istanbul Biennale parallel program On the Edge of Self, 6:00 3d animation, digital video, Kiang Gallery, Atlanta
2010 Peachtree Center, John Portman and Associates, 3d animation, digital video, “Workshopping: An American Model of Architectural Practice”, Venice Biennale of Architecture, Venice, IT

2009 Mission, 3d animation, digital video, Le Flash – Architectural Projection event, Atlanta Cyber Tourism, 3d animation, Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, MI eGoli, 8:00 3d animation, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago 2008 eGoli, 8:00 3d animation, Museum of Contemporary Art – Georgia, Atlanta

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High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA King & Spalding, Atlanta, GA.
King & Spalding, Atlanta, GA .