Kate Javens


1981-85 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, CFA
1977-79 Pennsylvania State University, University Park 

2015       Marcia Wood Gallery Midtown, Atlanta
2012       Schmidt Dean Gallery, October, Philadelphia
2011        Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta
2009       Princeton University, Bernstein Gallery, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
2008       Schmidt Dean Gallery, Philadelphia
2008       Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta
2007-8   Blanden Art Museum, Kate Javens, American Beasts, Fort Dodge
2005       Schmidt Dean Gallery, Philadelphia
2005       Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta
2003       Schmidt Dean Gallery, Philadelphia
2000-01 Schmidt Dean Gallery, December, Philadelphia
1999-00 Sarah Morthland Gallery, December, NYC
1998        Schmidt Dean Gallery, Philadelphia
1997        Sarah Morthland Gallery, NYC
1995        Schmidt Dean Gallery, Philadelphia
1992        Jessica Berwind Gallery, Philadelphia       
1990       Jessica Berwind Gallery, Philadelphia

2014         Take Home a Nude, New York Academy of Art Benefit, Sotheby's, NYC
2013         Take Home a Nude, New York Academy of Art Benefit, Sotheby's, NYC
2012         Awakened, AFA Gallery, NYC
2012         Creative Hand, Discerning Heart, James A. Michener Art Museum, Doylestown
2011          Take Home a Nude, New York Academy of Art Benefit, Sotheby's, NYC
2011          Single Fare 2: Please Swipe Again, Sloan Fine Art, NYC
2010         Take Home a Nude, New York Academy of Art Benefit, Sotheby's, NYC
2010         PULL, Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta
2010         Philadelphia Story, Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia
2009        Take Home a Nude, New York Academy of Art Benefit, Sotheby's, NYC
2009         Legacies, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum, Philadelphia
2008-10   The Animal Kingdom, North Dakota Museum of Art, Grand Forks
2008         EFA Open Studios, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, NYC
2008         Anna Kustera Presents…, Anna Kustera,  NYC
2008         Metamorphosis, Abington Art Center, Philadelphia
2007         Beholder, Salmagundi, curated by Katherine Chapin, NYC
2006         Wyeth in Context, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia
2006         Salon 2006, New York Academy of Art, NYC

2005         Scope Miami, Schmidt Dean Gallery, in Miami
2005         Visitors from the East, curated by Chapin Sloan for Billy Shire Fine Art, Los Angeles
2005         Animal Tales, DFN Gallery, NYC
2005         Art Chicago, Marcia Wood Gallery, in Chicago
2004         Inaugural Exhibition, Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta

2004         MFA Faculty, New York Academy of Art, NYC
2002         Take Home a Nude, New York Academy of Art benefit, Sotheby's, NYC
2002         Snapshot, The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT
2000-01  Personal Visions, Palmer Museum of Art, Pennsylvania State University
1997         Radix, two-person exhibition, April, NYC
1997         Group show curated by Barbara Krulick and Stefania de Kennesey, March, The Kitchen, NYC
1995         Manna Benefit, exhibition and auction with catalog, Moore College of Art, Philadelphia
1993         A Corps Perdu, Gallerie Guillaume Daeppen, Basel, Switzerland
1992         Line as Language, Southern Alleghenies Museum
1992         Biennial '92, Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington
1991         Found Ground, Levy Gallery, Moore College of Art, Philadelphia

2008        Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, Studio Residency, NYC
2005-07  Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, Studio Residency, NYC
2003-05  Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, Studio Residency, NYC
2001         Special Opportunity Stipend, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
2000        MacDowell Residency
1998         Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Painting Fellowship, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
1998         MacDowell Residency
1996         MacDowell Residency
1995         Disciplinary Winner in Painting, Pew Fellowships in the Arts
1990         Sponsored for Painting in Iceland, Dr. Anthony and Beatrice Garvan

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2012         Artists Speak, James A. Michener Art Museum
2011         Kate Javens, American Beasts, lecture, Palmer Museum of Art and the Pennsylvania State University                               School of Visual Arts

2010        PULL, artists panel, Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta
2007        Kate Javens, American Beasts, exhibition lecture, Blanden Art Museum,
2007        Commencement Speaker, East Senior High School, West Chester, PA
2006        Wyeth in Context, artists panel, moderated by Michael Taylor, Philadelphia Museum of Art
2000        Alliance of Artistic Communities, opening speaker, Manchester, NH, hosted by the MacDowell Colony 

2003     Illustration, RBS Gazette, Komar & Melamid, Vol. 3, No. 1, p. 4
2002     Illustration, RBS Gazette, Komar & Melamid, Vol. 2, No. 1, p. 2
1997      Cover images, Triquarterly Review, 97
1996      Cover images, The Plum Review, No. 9
1993       Writing, The Drunken Boat, Boat Rocker Publishing, Vol. 1, No. 3, p. 15

2010          Video interview, PULL, Marcia Wood Gallery Print Project, Tomorrow Pictures
2007          Video interview, New York Studios; a documentary, Jon Nissenbaum
2000          Photographed, Flash Forward, Fortune Magazine, Vol. 142, No. 8, October 9, 2000, p.196
1998           Video interview, Biographies Live: Women & The Arts, Educational Management Group
1997           Video interview, MacDowell: An American Artists' Colony, New Hampshire Public Television

Permanent public collections:
          Blanden Memorial Art Museum
          Connecticut College Print Collection
          Palmer Museum of Art of The Pennsylvania State University
          Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum
          Philadelphia Museum of Art
          Telfair Museum of Art
          Represented in private collections in the US and Europe, including HRH The Prince of Wales.
Corporate collections include:
          Merck & Co.
          Pfizer Inc.
          Aronson, Johnson & Ortiz LP

Schmidt Dean Gallery, Philadelphia.
Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta.  

2004-5     New York Academy of Art, Dead or Alive, graduate class in animal imagery.
2005-12   The Brearley School, Studio Art