Marcus Kenney 


M.F.A. Photography, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA
B.A. Radio/TV/Film, Art Minor, University of Louisiana, Monroe, LA

2016                        Adjunct Professor            SCAD Savannah, GA
                              Visiting Artist                    Augusta University, Augusta GA

2004 -2015        Worked with over 20 interns/students in studio setting.
2015                        Adjunct Professor           SCAD Savannah, GA
2014                        Alumni Mentor                 SCAD Savannah GA
                              Visiting Artist                   SCAD Hong Kong
                              Artist in Residence        LUX Art institute, San Diego CA
                              Artist in Residence        Marble House Project Dorcet VT
                              Visiting Artist                   Georgia College Milledgeville GA

2013                        Fellow Resident               Hambidge Center   Rabun Cap GA
                             Contributing Blogger     Huffington Post
                             Guest speaker                  SCAD Atlanta   Atlanta GA
                             Panel Member                 SCAD Musuem Of Art   Savannah GA

2012                   Guest Speaker                 Morris Musuem   Augusta GA
                             Guest Speaker                 Garrison School of Arts   Savannah GA

2011                    Guest Speaker                 Masur Musuem   Monroe LA
2010                   Guest Speaker                 SCAD Atlanta GA
2007                   Guest speaker                 Jepson Center for the Arts   Savannah GA
2005                   Panel Member                Georgia Council for the Arts  
                             Panel Member                “Successful Artist” Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

2003-04              Adjunct Professor           Armstrong Atlantic University   Savannah GA
2000-2002        Gallery Director             Starland Galleries   Savannah GA
2002                      Guest Lecturer               College of Charleston Charleston SC
                                   Guest Lecturer                   Armstrong Atlantic   Savannah GA
                            Guest Speaker                Telfair Museum Savannah GA
                            Educator                            Urban Hope/Telfair Museum   Savannah GA                                               
JurorSCAD                        Photogroup CompetitionSavannah GA

Solo Exhibitions
“TBD”                                           Marcia Wood Gallery   Atlanta GA
             “Menagerie”                              Mary Bryd Gallery, Augusta Univesity
2015    “Recent Work”                         CG2 Nashville TN
2014    “Marcus Kenney”                   LUX Art Institute,  Encinitas, CA.
             “Americana MK,”                    Georgia College Museum,  Milledgeville GA.
2013    “Fallen Animals”                      Pinnacle Gallery and Gallery See, SCAD, Savannah and                                                                                                                        Atlanta
             “Shed My Skin”                         Florida Mining Gallery, Jacksonville FL.
            “Fallen Animals”                       Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, LA.
2012     “Art Now: The Work
               of Marcus Kenney,”             Morris Museum Of Art, Augusta, GA.
             “State of Nature”                     Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, LA.
             “Underneath the Hope”       Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta, GA.
2011     “State of Nature”                    1704 Lincoln,  Savannah, GA.s
2010     “Romance 2020”                    Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta, GA.
              “Almanac”                                 Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, LA.
2009    “Yes No Maybe So”                Gallery See and Pei Ling Chin Gallery (SCAD), Atlanta and Savannah, GA.
2008     “Midnight in America”         Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta, GA.
               “Midnight in America”         Pulse with Marcia Wood Gallery, New York, NY.
2007  “Topics in American
                 History, Volume I,”               Jepson Center for the Arts, Savannah, GA.
               “I’m Tempted to Begin
                With the Ending”                    Robert Steele Gallery, New York, NY.
               “Young American”                  Connelly Jenkins, New Orleans, LA.
2006     “Young American”                  Pepper Gallery, Boston, MA.
2005     “Happily Ever After… ”              Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta, GA.
2004     “Introductions”                       Columbus Museum of Art,  Columbus, GA.
               “Recent Work”                          Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta, GA.       

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015-16  “Guns in the Hands of Artists”     Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans
                  Aspen Institute, Aspen Colorado, Washington University, St. Louis MO , Art Basel, Miami FL
2014         “Face to Face, Wall to Wall,” Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, MT.
                  “Currents,”  Westabou Festival, Augusta, GA.
                  “ Works on paper,”  Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta, GA.
                  “Guns in the Hands of Artist,” Jonathan Ferrara Gallery Prospect #3, New Orleans, LA.
                  “Art and Soul,”  SCAD Museum Of Art, Savannah, GA.
                  “SCADpad,”  SCAD Atlanta, Atlanta, GA.
                  “Drip Torch” Site Specific, Thomasville ,GA.
                  “Elevate,” Site Specific InstallationAtlanta, GA.
2013         “Upsodown,” New Art Center, Newton, MA.
                  “NOMO,”  Art Basel Off siteFlorida Ming Gallery, Miami, FL.
                  “SCOPE,” SCOPE Art Fair with Eileen Brazil, Miami, FL.
                  “Snapshots,” Gutstein Gallery SCAD, Savannah, GA.
                 “Southern Progressive,” Rebekah Jacob Gallery, Charleston, SC.
                 “Unique Visions,” Cumberland GalleryNashville TN
                 “TBD,” Tinney Contemporary, Nashville TN.
2012         “Captured: Specimens in Contemporary Art,” Bedford Gallery, Lesher Center for the Arts, 
                   Walnut Creek, CA.
                  “Texas Contemporary Art Fair,” Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, Houston, TX.
                   “PULSE Art Fair,” Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, Miami, FL.
                   “Aqua Art Fair,” Eileen Braziel Art Advisor, Miami, FL.
                   “Art Greenwich,” Eileen Braziel Art Advisor, Greenwich, CT.
                   “Power,” CNN.Com
2011            “9/11 Ripple,” CNN.Com
                   “Telfair Fashion Show,” DeSoto Hilton, Savannah GA.
                    “ Year of the Rabbit,” Moot Gallery, Hong Kong.
                        “Spectrum,” SCAD, Savannah GA.
2010            “Painters Reel,” Macon Museum of Art, Jepson Center for the Arts, Morris Museum of Art,                       
                    Macon, Savannah, Augusta, GA.
                    “Planet Home,” (SCAD), Savannah, GA.
                    “Within State Lines II,” MOCA GA, Atlanta GA.
2009            “Mind the Cracks,” Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel.
                        “Words Become Pictures,” Molloy College, New York, NY.
2008         “This is Us - Chris Scarborough and Marcus Kenney,” TAG, Nashville, TN.
                    “Crowded,” David Lusk Gallery, Memphis, TN.
                    “Gen X: Post Boomers of the New South,” Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile, AL.
                   “3-ology,” Prince Tower Art Center, Bartlesville, OK.
2007        “London 07,” Marcia Wood Gallery, London, U.K.
                  “Profit and Loss,” Sun Valley Center For the Arts, Sun Valley, ID.
                  “Constructed Images,” Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, GA.
2006        “The New Collage,” Pavel Zoubok Gallery, New York, NY.
                  “On the Horizon,” Robert Steele Gallery, New York, NY.
                  “Affair,” Marcia Wood Gallery, Portland, OR.
                  “Art (212),” Marcia Wood Gallery, New York, NY.
                  “Recent Work: Marcus Kenney and Julio Garcia,” Iocovozzi Fine Art, Savannah, GA.
                  “Monster,” Starland Center for the Arts, Savannah, GA.        
2005          “South x East,” Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL.
                   “Children’s Story,” MY ARTS Prospects, New York, NY.   
                   “PULSE Art Fair,” Marcia Wood Gallery, Miami, FL.
                   “AAF Contemporary Art Fair,” Marcia Wood Gallery, New York, NY.
                   “Redefined,” Red Gallery, Savannah, GA.
                   “Marcia Wood Gallery,” Chicago Art Expo, Chicago, IL.
                   “Recollections,” Pepper Gallery, Boston, MA.
                   “ArtPapers Auction,” Atlanta, GA.
2004         “G7,” Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Atlanta, GA.
                   “Between Light and Dark,” Hartford ArtSpace, Hartford, CT.
                   “AAF Contemporary Art Fair,” Marcia Wood Gallery, New York, NY.

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