Father Ram

     I’d never made prints, or worked collaboratively on an art project before, so I wanted to be sure I came with an image that I was really excited about conceptually. I also wanted to work on one that would benefit from the other artists’ input, all of whose sensibilities I deeply respected.
      I made the Father Ram series to honor my father, but more broadly, to acknowledge the strength of youth and the boundries of that power. I love Frank O’Hara’s, The Hunter, for its rich examination of this concept.
     I drew the ram from below, looking straight up at its throat, and I was satisfied with its form. It needed to be defiant in its posture, almost heroic. Its vulnerability was going to be seen in its color. I went back and forth with this - Kim (who kept me from going overboard), Joanne and the other artists were a great help. Tim isolated the horn and ensured its sound color placement.
     I’m thrilled with the edition. Marcia was very perceptive in the selection of this group; we had the perfect mixture of inspiration, commitment, collaboration, and sweat. PULL rocked

Kate Javens