Scott Eakin works with acrylic paint on wood panel surfaces. Countless lines, bars and bands of brilliant color are stacked upon each other in a meticulous process to create the graphic, geometric impact of the paintings. At closer look one also finds countless miniature landscapes hidden within the lines. In his work Eakin investigates interactions between edges and intersections, planning and happenstance, intellect and intuition.

”Like the magpie searching for the bright bits to complete his nest, I am looking for the thing in the paint that is unexpected and beckoning. I agree with Rothko that the experience of an artwork should be something that opens you up, changes you in some way, punches a hole in you. That can’t happen unless you are willing to surrender a bit of control. In the simplest terms the dilemma is, do I yield to this or not? The magpie's dilemma is really the dilemma of what we choose to pay attention to. What do we let ourselves see and what are we blind to.”


Scott Eakin is an Atlanta based artist originally from Illinois. His work has been displayed in Atlanta recently in the Atlanta Gallery Collective: Ponce City Market, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Show House, Switch Modern, MOCA GA, and Marcia Wood Gallery. Exhibitions have also been in New Jersey and throughout the Southeast.