PULL Print Portfolio: Kim Anno, Kate Javens, Joanne Mattera, Timothy McDowell, Don Pollack, Katherine Taylor

11 September - 6 October 2010

Kim Anno



This heavens image is a picture of a sphere with the diagram of the stellar alignments of the sky imprinted on it. It mimics the idea of the planet earth. The implication is that the heavens can be thought of as globe, or a finite system itself. In my mind is the philosophy of James Lovelock regarding the earth as a single living organism. I am playing with this notion applied to the heavens as well.  This globe of the heavens is placed inside a tank of water, or metaphoric water indicated by the indigo color of the ink. Inside the water with the casually resting globe is a cloud of white that strikes its side. This cloud is also a kind of apparition that signifies something dramatic happening to this heavens globe. The white can be something cold, something in conflict with the globe, or it can be anointing it or making something special happening to the heavens. The interpretation is up to the viewer in the end. The subtext is the ferocity of climate change appearing on the earth.