Mary Engel: Beings

2 December 2021 - 8 January 2022

Mary Engel’s lifelong love and respect for animals and the connection she feels with them has been her artistic inspiration for over thirty years. Engel’s focus was on dogs early in her career, followed over the years by expanding into the entire animal kingdom. Passionate about herconcern for animals survival Engel works to bring attention to their endangered status. She cites the ancient symbolism of the importance of animals across all cultures as she powerfully evokes the physicality, beauty, mystery, and presence of these incredible creatures using a countless variety of found objects as well as objects she crafts herself. 


The exhibit will present approximately ten new works, including a white rhinoceros, a lioness, a jaguar, a queen bee and more. 


Originally from Chicago, Engel moved to Athens, GA in 1993. Her work has shown and been reviewed nationally since 1986 in galleries, art fairs and museums. Engel's work is held in private collections as well as institutions including Children’s Healthcare of Scottish Rite in Atlanta, The Arthur Blank Family Foundation, the Detroit Zoo, the Disney Corporation the President’s Collection of the University of Georgia and the United States Embassy, Rome, Italy.  Museum exhibitions include Macon Museum of Arts & Sciences, Macon, GA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Atlanta, GA, Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, AL, Asheville Museum of Art, Asheville, NC, and Fine Arts Museum of the South, Mobile, AL.