Postcards from a Pandemic Series

Kim Anno
May 14, 2020

Kim Anno is a painter, photographer, and film/video artist whose work encompasses evocative abstract paintings that imagine the landscape as a result of a changing climate and photography and videos that wrestle with adaptation in disaster, and occupy an arena of irony, empathy and loss. Anno looks at the heart of Western idealism in nature and tinkers with it. Her brushwork is both tender and adoring, and it is dystopic. Viewers are left with the blushing dilemma of desire and regret. Anno is an environmental activist and is also passionately devoted to expanding the function of art in society. She founded a non-profit named Wild Projects with the mission statement "Wild Projects collaborates with communities world wide through fearless art, film, and performance productions to inspire resiliency in the face of adversity.” Anno intends to sponsor and incubate projects that agree with this mission statement in their work, and to be mutually supportive of artistic production in a variety of fields. Her recent interests and expertise has been in the intersection of art and science, particularly in aesthetic issues surrounding climate change, water, and adaptation. She is currently at work on “¡Quba!”, her first feature documentary film, as well as “90 Miles From Paradise” film about adaptation to sea level rise for both southern Florida and Havana, Cuba. In 2018, she is also making “Water City, Ipswich” a short film in her on-going series: Men and Women in Water Cities. The influence of abstraction and abstracting something remains prominent in Anno’s practice, with resulting work that remains “open, playful, and engaged with a difficult ephemeral beauty.” Anno collaborates with other artists and musicians, integrating video, sculpture, sound, and interactivity in performative installations.


Kim Anno exhibits internationally and her work is in numerous museum collections including SFMOMA, Brooklyn Museum, Honolulu Academy of Fine Art Museum, Walker Museum and The Getty Research Institute among others.

"Postcards from a Pandemic" is brought to you by Marcia Wood Gallery in the hopes of keeping people connected to the transformative and hopeful power of art and the importance of artists' work during the Covid19 Pandemic.