Postcards from a Pandemic Series

Venske Spänle
April 20, 2020

Julia Venske and Gregor Spänle, born in 1971 and 1969 respectively, live and work in Munich. They completed their Sculptor Diploma in 1995 in Laas Italy and a residency at the RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. Their solid marble sculpture and installation work has been shown in museums, galleries and art fairs on six continents.

Working with classical material expertly by hand, Venske & Spänle bring each piece to life with meticulous carving and labor intensive sanding and polishing. Engaging the viewer to consider interpretations and search out metaphors, the pieces bridge a contemporary connection with modern art and classical sculpture.


Subverting expectations the hard blocks of solid marble are transformed to suggest weightlessness, plasticity, liquidity in whimsical, anthropomorphic forms of purest gleaming white.


Since 2016 Atlantans have enjoyed the public art piece “AUTOEATER”. Standing at a major intersection in Midtown Atlanta, the 16 ton block of Cervaiole marble paired with the iconic Fiat Panda 750, an Italian automobile introduced in 1980. Seen by pedestrians, bicyclists and from thousands of cars a day the monumental and curious AUTOEATER surprises, entertains and provokes discussion.

"Postcards from a Pandemic" is brought to you by Marcia Wood Gallery in the hopes of keeping people connected to the transformative and hopeful power of art and the importance of artists' work during the Covid19 Pandemic.