Postcards from a Pandemic Series

Joseph Peragine
April 26, 2020

Joe Peragine’s multi-disciplinary practice encompasses painting, sculpture, animation and site-specific installations, with subject matter ranging from the animal kingdom to detective novels to tanks to wrestlers. Throughout he is exploring questions of strength and vulnerability, power and impotence.


It is the natural world however that remains the abiding subject as he sees nature and it’s perils as a metaphor for our own circumstance. Subversively cartoony, absurd, bizarre or kitschy, his paintings and sculptures (think taxidermy he learned from you-tube videos) are paradoxes of unsettling dark humor.


Joseph Peragine was born in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1961. He completed his undergraduate work in fine art at the University of Georgia, Athens, and in 1995 received his MFA in painting from Georgia State University, Atlanta, where he is currently Director of the School and a Professor in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking

"Postcards from a Pandemic" is brought to you by Marcia Wood Gallery in the hopes of keeping people connected to the transformative and hopeful power of art and the importance of artists' work during the Covid19 Pandemic.