Lucinda Weil Bunnen is a photographer living in Atlanta, Georgia. Bunnen, now 90 years old, began her photography career at the age of 40, when she and her family took a trip to Peru for her birthday and she discovered a love and a talent for the art form. Since then she has been a prolific photographer, artist, collector and benefactor to the photography community in Atlanta and around the country.


Bunnen’s latest show in 2019, A Spring Walk in My Woods, was her second solo exhibition with Marcia Wood Gallery, following Lucinda’s World, part III: Weathered Chromes in 2015. A Spring Walk in My Woods is Bunnen’s intimate and sumptuous photographic series created to share her private world through her unique vision of nature and landscape. The photographs depict her walks along a rigorous path through her woods behind her home in Atlanta.

Bunnen’s work is the subject of eight books to date. Her latest book, Constant Impermanence was published in December 2020. She co-authored three of the books: Movers and Shakers in Georgia, published by Simon & Schuster in 1978; Scoring in Heaven, Gravestones and Cemetery Art in the American Sunbelt States, published by Aperture Foundation in 1990 and ALASKA Trail Tales and Eccentric Detours, published in 1992. In 1999, she had a 30-year retrospective along with an award winning catalog, entitled Trail, Tails and Transformation. In 2011, Fall Line Press published Cuba. Her book, Humbled by 2-1/2 days in Haiti, was published in 2014 followed by Gathered in 2018. Bunnen’s photographs were also the subject of the book Eight Photographs, Selections from Lucinda Bunnen’s “Movers and Shakers in Georgia” and an artistic pamphlet entitled (Dis) Similarities, Portraiture by Lucinda Bunnen. 



Bunnen’s work can be found in numerous public collections, including Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, Pushkin Museum in Moscow, Russia, The Smithsonian in Washington, DC, The Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC, the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC, MOCA GA, Morris Museum, Augusta, GA and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia, among others. She is the recipient of the Governors Award for the Arts and Humanities in 1986 as well as in 2019. She was both donor and curator of "Subjective Vision: The Lucinda W. Bunnen Collection of Photographs” for the High Museum of Art. Lucinda Weil Bunnen Photography Gallery opened at the High Museum of Art in 2014 with “The High Museum of Art Celebrated Lucinda Bunnen and Thirty Years of the Bunnen Collection of Photography, 1983 - 2013.” Visitors to Atlanta are greeted by two of Bunnen’s most celebrated works: Lucinda’s works of “Hatchers Pond” hang at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. In addition, nine of her photographs are posted in a glass case in Concourse E and a wall of photographs hangs in the Charles Loudermilk building. 

Bunnen has participated in many national, international and regional juried shows such as Atlanta Artists in Buenos Aires in Argentina; Atlanta in France in Toulouse, France and New Southern Photography: Between Myth and Reality at the Burden Gallery in New York City. Lucinda has worked on several multi-media exhibitions, and curated and juried many shows. In 2004, she was named the Master Series Artist for the city of Atlanta. The Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center awarded Lucinda the Nexus Award in 2013. She was honored by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Georgia in 2018.