Kim Ouellette


Kim Ouellette was born in Winnipeg, Canada and has lived in Atlanta since 2004. She has exhibited in galleries and institutions in Canada, Scotland and the U.S. since 1985.


"I have been a practicing artist for four decades and see the current submission as the realization of a third phase of my evolution.

My early work (1980-2000) was supported by Arts Council grants and peer jury exhibitions that allowed me to explore my voice and develop my language and technical sensibility. The work evolved into large abstract flat surface works, with a few excursions into video and narrative formats along the way.


Moving to Atlanta 2000/2001, whether because of nostalgia or a sense of opportunity, I started a new body of mixed-media work centered on culturally significant Canadian Hudson Bay blankets, working mostly figuratively.

Around 2010 I felt the blanket works had run their course and I returned to the original media of painting and drawing. The work has evolved here into abstract work that explores shifting perspectives of space, color, shapes, and line.  Formal, abstract and hopefully emotionally engaging as well."


-Kim Oullette, 2022