George Long: Gatherings Squared

25 June - 27 August 2022
Press release

Atlanta, Georgia based artist George Long presents new works in his Omnium Gatherum series.  The Omnium Gatherum works on paper and wood in Long's 2020 exhibition, 3 Sided Square, saw a shift in the artist's use of narrative imagery to pyramid-shaped piles of geometric shapes.  In his latest works we witness the latest evolution of Omnium Gatherum through a more focused sculptural lens.


Omnium Gatherum is defined as a “miscellaneous collection (as of things or persons)”. Colorful blocks of circles within squares are collaged in a charming, playful, yet somewhat tenuous, pyramid-shaped pile that is loosely foregrounded against a notion of landscape - a weathered palimpsest of atmosphere the place- ness or nowhereness of which is open to interpretation.


Employing the Japanese spiritual art of ensõ, Long draws each unique circle in one fluid stroke. The ensõ symbolizes the universe and the beginning and end of all things. Through practicing the meditation of ensõ in the studio, George Long continues his contemplation of memory and time in his work.